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Agriturismo a Norcia


Official rates per room per night including only morning buffet breakfast
Reservations only with direct payment at the hotel
[NOTE: Percentages
not acknowledged - Not commissionable rates for physical travel agencies and/or others]

BASIS RATES: For only N.1 night stay, except the most important national holidays and great local events [For festivity list please see the following key/legend], official minimum rates will be applied, as described at the following price list, therefore, besides to inform the welcome visitors that there will be no any particular discounts, we kindly ask to refrain from writing useless e-mail of inquiry and, possibly if interested, to call directly the Guest House for availability Tel. +39-334-8473696
[For stays longer than N.1 night, please see our discounted proposals down below].

No single rooms available [double single use on request only]

Flat rate to be established with applicant

Double [Suite King-Size]

Min. € 90,00 (€ 45X2)
Max € 160,00 (€ 80X2)

3rd e 4th bed (price per bed)

Flat rate to be established with applicant

RESERVATIONS PROCEDURES-IMPORTANT NOTE: Before sending a reservation inquiry, welcome visitors are kindly informed that all reservation inquiries, without exception, will be accepted solely with the guarantee of a Credit Card, failing which the booking requests cannot be accepted in any way (NOTE: Only VISA/MASTERCARD circuit accepted - Prepaid or Debit Cards NOT accepted), as well as, in order to not disappoint you and to avoid unpleasant misunderstandings, to carefully read the "GUEST HOUSE POLICY AND CONDITIONS" on the page “Reservations and Contact Information” of this website. Thank you.
FESTIVITY-IMPORTANT NOTE.: Important national holidays as New Year’s Eve, Easter, Middle August Week- Various other national holidays, extended holidays/weekends and special local events, besides to be required a minimum stay of N.2 (two) nights, an advance is also required which will be established based on the importance of the required period–Availability and rates only on request [For festivity list please see the following key/legend].
*KEY/LEGEND FESTIVITY: Important national holidays as New Year's Eve, Epiphany, Easter, Middle August Week, various other national holidays and extended holidays/weekends (all Saints Feast-Immaculate Feast-Liberation Day Feast-Work Day Feast -Republic Day Feast)-Special local events (Truffle Festivals Weekends-Saint Benedict Day Feast-The Flowering [May-June]-The Great Medieval Fires [Ri Fauni] feast).

Please check our following discounted proposals!!!




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