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Agriturismo a Norcia

Where We Are

The villa is positioned at 800 meters (2500 feet) above sea level, on the slopes of the mountains of the “Forche Canapine” pass, beyond which, above the magnificent and surreal plain of Castelluccio, imposingly stands out one of the highest and most beautiful mountains in central Italy: Mount Vettore (2476 meters [more than 8000 feet] on the sea level).

In the paradisiacal green of the National Park of the Sibylline Mountains, facing an impressive and naturalistic panorama, the Guest House is located in the “Great Ring of the Sibyllines”.

Well known to hikers, the “Great Ring of the Sibyllines” is a circuit of fabulous paths that unwind through woods, hermitages and valleys wrapped in mysteries and ancient legends. Lovers of long and pleasant walks, through a kaleidoscope of lights, can admire protected species of animals from close up, and be in contact with truly uncontaminated nature of rare and extraordinary beauty.

The Belvoir is like a castle from another time, nestled between the mountains, from which one can enjoy splendid sunsets and sometimes, as much in autumn as in winter, witness and be wrapped in the impressive natural power of the winds.

We are found a little outside (about 4 km. [2.5 miles]) of the ancient Roman town wall which is still intact and characteristic of the enchanting and magical city of Norcia. Norcia, with its historic downtown, rich with monuments and various works of art, still retains its medieval splendor. It is extremely important to remember that St. Benedict, founder of Western monasticism and patron of Europe, was born here in the 5th century.

For connoisseurs of good food and for exacting, refined palates we give note that in Norcia the most esteemed black truffle reigns supreme and uncontested, hence the sublime quality of the local cuisine which still preserves intact the refined taste of Umbrian cuisine and is the boast of Italian culinary art, being among the best of central Italy.

The cordiality of Norcia’s inhabitants is accompanied by the most illustrious abilities in the working of meat, cheese products, and grains, ancient traditions that go back to the days of yore, of renowned prestige in all the world, and sold in the characteristic and impressive shops in the center of the city.


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