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Agriturismo a Norcia

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Very wrong when thinking that Norcia it's only an ancient tradition culinary place.
Come also to discover this marvelous territory, the deep heart of primordial Italy
be the protagonists…don't wait !!!


Geographically Corte Belvoir it is located between Umbria, Marche and Abruzzo, in a strategic crossing point from where, with just one shot, places of great interest are easily reachable.

Among top of world hiking, the Sibillini National Park offers a spectacular, mysterious, suggestive, landscape...Mount Vettore (Central Italy third highest peak 2476 mt.), Lake Pilato (Up top Mount Vettore, the only glacial lake of the Appennines, is the natural habitat of a small shellfish having a typical red colour, unique surviving species [Chirocefalo del Marchesoni], Pilato's valley, surrounded by the imposing peak of the Scoglio del Lago [2373 mt.] and Mount Vettore [2476 mt.]), Castelluccio di Norcia, with the surreal Great Plateau of Pian Grande and Pian Perduto (Sailing flight paradise and photography lovers for it’s flowers blooming), Gole del Fiastrone e Gole dell'Infernaccio (the “Fiastrone and Hell Gorges”- Sibillini National Park Magic and Flowering Slope - A paradisiacal path made of small rivers and waterfalls, the most exciting gorges in central Italy), the wizard Sibilla cave (Upon Sibilla's mountain at 2145 mt. are found the ruins of the entrance to the famous and mytical cave of the "Renowned wizard and Prophetess" Sibilla.) ...And naturally Norcia ! (Saint Benedict [the western monasticism founder and patron of Europe] birth place Historical town center and museums).

The Guest House suggests the following associations, with professional and qualified personnel, at the regional level as well as the national, offering enjoyment for all ages and levels of experience, both in summer and winter.

we will suggest the best services and the maximum guarantee of professionalism and safety.

IMPORTANT NOTICE - We kindly inform:
• All the following services are extra charge.
• This Guest House management declines any responsibility for the following services.
• Reservation suggested for service availability


Sports & Outdoor Activities (Autumn-Winter-Spring-Summer)


Excursions and Hiking – Trekking with Mules - Rafting – Meditation and Yoga - Surviving/Survival -  Adventure Camp – Canoeing – Mountaineering - Archery with Crossbow and Bow and Arrow –– Spelunking - Fishing – Outdoor Training - Soft-Air - Throwing - Field Target – camps – falconry - Nordic Walking - Snow Activities (Snow-shoeing, Sledding, Igloo Building, Alpine or Cross-country Skiing and the nearby locality of Forca Canapine, an organized area with six lifts).


Sports & Outdoor Activities

Services: Various level seasonal outdoor specialties and excursions.
Reservation suggested for service availability.
Info: info@sibilliniadventure.it – Tel. +39-348-7288365 / +39-0743-296749 - Fax. +39-0743-394512
Web: http://www.sibilliniadventure.it
Location Address: N°1 Via Circonvallazione – 06046 Norcia (PG)

Winter Skiing - Special

In the municipality of Norcia where practicing downhill skiing.
Drawn among the woods , it is the largest cross-country ski area in the districts of Perugia province, with more than 25 kilometers of scope, it is one of the largest circuits in central-south Italy.
The chairlift, combined with 2 skilift and a hand-drag, serves 16 ski slopes of varying difficulty, where even the most expert skiers can have fun.

"Monti del Sole" refuge.

After the new chairlift, this year "Monti del Sole" refuge will open again and a tapis-roulant for children will operate.
Services: Organized area with six lifts for Ski runs and Cross-country Skiing
Info: montidelsole@katamail.com – Tel. +39-0743/823002 - Comune di Norcia Tel. +39-0743. 828711 (automatic switchboard) – Tourist Board (Sat.-Sun.) +39-0743.828711 int. # 261
Web: http://www.sciareinumbria.it/
Location Address: From Norcia toward loc. Forca Canapine (1.541 m o.s.l.), apennine mountain pass on the border between Umbria and Marche.
District between the municipality of Norcia (Perugia province) and municipality of Arquata del Tronto (Ascoli Piceno province).

Rafting on river Corno
Mountain Bike plus plenty of amazing stuff

Services: Different rafting paths and water specialties also for beginners, to live and ride the fantastic rapids of river Corno through it’s huge and primordial gorges.
Staff provides professionalism, safety and the right logistic assistance.
Reservation suggested for service availability (Rafiting/Mountain Bike).
Rafting Info: rafting@raftingumbria.it - Tel. +39-348-3511798 / +39-328-0143735 / +39-0742-23146
Web: http://www.raftingumbria.it
Mountain Bike Info: mtbvalnerinamultisport@gmail.com - Tel. +39-342-3793003 / +39-331-3777237
Web: http://nuke.mtbvalnerinamultisport.it
Location Address: Norcia (Serravalle fraction of Norcia)

Horses & riders

Discovering our landscapes scenic wonders by horse, means a full integration with the unpolluted natural environment.
Our territory provides services as guided tours and horse accommodations, offering to horses and horse-riders the right logistic assistance.

Horse Riding

Services: Docile horses for various level of rides and excursions also for beginners and specialized service for riding school on request.
Staff provides professionalism and safety.
Reservation suggested for service availability.
Info: info@escursioniacavallo.it – Tel. +39-339-5334468
Web: http://www.escursioniacavallo.it
Location Address: Paganelli (Norcia Fraction)


Horse Lodgings

Services: Box/Lodgings for those who comes with their own horse – Also specialized service for Horse Training on request.
Reservation suggested for service availability.
Info: carucciandrea@live.com - Tel. +39-346-6727832 / +39-0743-816902
Web: http://www.carbest.it
Location Address: 274 Via Case Sparse  06046 Norcia (PG) Italia


Quads (4X4)

Services: Various level off-road 4x4 excursions through amazing scenery paths of the National Park.
Also excursions of 4 hours with barbecue lunch on request.
Staff provides professionalism and safety.
Reservation suggested for service availability.
Info: noleggioquad@libero.it – Tel. +39-339-1534943 / +39-335-7442483
Location Address: Norcia


Paragliding and Hang Gliding

Services: Sailing flight school also for beginners.
Staff provides professionalism, safety and the right logistic assistance.
Reservation suggested for service availability.
Info: info@prodelta.it  - Tel. +39-339-5635456 / +39-0743-821156
Web: http://www.prodelta.it 
Location Address: Castelluccio di Norcia


Geosta – The super-equipped emporium for Sports and Outdoor

Services: Incredibly equipped of any sort of professional sporting clothes and wide range of technical materials.
Info: info@geosta.net - Tel. +39-339-6086846 / +39-0743-821156 - Fax. +39-0743-828470
Web: http://www.geosta.net  
Location Address: 10 Via Foscolo 06046 Norcia

ABC-Online – Computer & Web Assistance

Services: Expert and professional staff for PC and electronic materials.
Info: emanuele@abc-online.it - katia@abc-online.it
Tel. +39-347-9108946 / +39-347-1426156  / +39-0743-0743-828042 - Fax. +39-0743-828042
Web: http://www.abc-online.it   
Location Address: 2 Via dei Priori  06046 Norcia


Other scenic wonders around – Distances from Corte Belvoir

Castoriana Valley (With the suggestive Benedictine Abbey of St Eutizio which dates back to the V° century and, over the centuries, has been the political and religious centre of a vast area. And other millennial hermitages and abbeys valley - The medieval villages and surgical school of Preci, developed in de XVI° century and particularly well-known all over Europe - 15 Km)
Cascia and Roccaporena (Saint Rita patron Saint of impossible and hopeless cases birth place and sanctuary - 25 Km)
Terni with the magnificent Marmores water-falls (Terni Saint Valentino patron Saint of all lovers birth place - 60 Km)
Very close and easily reachable places like Orvieto - Spoleto – Montefalco - Assisi – Todi – Gubbio – The Val d’Orcia [the Orcia Valley] with Pienza and Montepulciano - Siena and Chianti side - Florence - Rome.


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