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Agriturismo a Norcia

Reservations and Contacts

We will try to do our best to let our most welcome guests feel like at home as much as we can especially for the ones coming from very far away.

Ours is a guarantee of reliability, professionalism and safety We receive confirmations from all over the world.

We wish to inform the welcome visitors that all reservation inquiries (Direct Check-in - Last-minute – Medium and Long Term), without exception, will be accepted solely with the guarantee of a Credit Card to be shown at check-in, failing which the booking requests cannot be accepted in any way.
WARNING: Only VISA/MASTERCARD circuit accepted - Prepaid or Debit Cards NOT accepted.

For further information on booking procedures, it’s kindly required to read carefully the "GUEST HOUSE POLICY AND CONDITIONS" on this page of the official website. Thank you

Please, get the availability first or, if you prefer, simply agree your reservation with us by calling directly at



(every day from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.)
Front desk reception open 24 hours on 24 all year long

Availability inquiry (Obligatory Fields *)
In order to contact you and provide with all the information you need, you are kindly pleased to fill the following fields, taking care to specify your identity as well as your contact details.
Before sending an inquiry it’s kindly required to carefully read the “GUEST HOUSE RESERVATION POLICY AND CONDITIONS” on this page of the official web site.


Once established and agreed the reservation with the Guest House, applicant can send a formal inquiry through the printing, correct filling and sending of the following simple credit card reservation form, otherwise, among the other various options, only in exceptional circumstances, if specifically required by the Guest House administration, applicant can choose the method to send an advance or through the same credit card reservation form or through the bank wire/postal money order/moneygram/paypal form
Note: Just in case the applicant will be not too practical with computer, please inform our booking office; the same reservation forms will be sent by fax (please provide of a fax number including the international country code).

carte di credito accettate

modulo prenotazione carte di credito modulo prenotazione vaglia

We welcome you in this fascinating residence, considered an historic mansion and heritage of the Sibillini Mountains National Park and the town of Norcia.
To this end, in order to avoid unpleasant misunderstandings and disappointment, all guests are kindly requested to acknowledge that they have read, understood and agree to the following conditions:

*THE GUEST HOUSE OVERALL - IMPORTANT NOTE - ABSOLUTELY NOT TO UNDERESTIMATE: It's warmly suggested to adopt a suitable clothing - We remind to the welcome guests that the entire environment (suitable to a very well prepared adult public and to those who appreciate these kind of stays), it's located at the feet of a mountain range and, sometimes, exposed to sudden weather change (violent gusts of wind or rain storms), therefore, during Autumn/Winter time (sometimes even in late springtime or end of summer), it’s absolutely NOT suggested to those who particularly are too sensitive to cold or to cold weathers.
All the interior ambiences, structured with solid stone walls (and timber walls), while maintaining an acceptable temperature level, does not allows optimal values for a constant high heat level.
>HEATING SERVICE - IMPORTANT NOTE: In this regard from Oct. 15th to Apr. 30th every year, also in relation to temperature values, both inside and outside, the heating service daily provides from N°2 to N°3 turns (morning-afternoon–evening) of about N°3 hours each.
>HEATING SERVICE - WARNING: From May 01th to Oct. 14th every year, the Guest House service DOES NOT provide any heating service.
>Practical advice: During Autumn/Winter time (sometimes even in late springtime or end of summer) it's warmly suggested to bring a suitable clothing and to be dressed by layers, to allow an ideal acclimatization and always ready to range of temperature (jackets/coats/snow jackets-wool sweaters/windproof sweaters-piles-wintry socks-warm shoes with appropriate sole/small boots/semi-professional trekking shoes-with an appropriate sole as the vibram type-caps-scarves-gloves).
>For road safety then, during the coldest wintry months obviously, in case of sudden snowfalls, it's also warmly suggested to come anyway provided of anti snow/ice car chains and/or heat tires and to find out about the weather conditions in our area before reaching the place.
>In summer time, during the evening hours, it’s suggested to bring light clothes (cotton sweaters and/or jackets), right shoes with an appropriate sole (semi-professional trekking shoes with Vibram sole type suggested) and to come anyway provided of umbrellas or light rain coats (ex. rain K-Way).
*CHECK-IN PROCEDURES: Check-in rooms available NOT before than H. 02:00 p.m. - Check-out H. 11:30 a.m.
>Late check-out will be on a request basis and subject to availability - A half day room charge is applicable for late check-out until 06:00 p.m. hours - Rooms occupied beyond 06:00 p.m. hours will be charged at a full day rate.
> For the very reason to be considered an historic mansion and classified as a architectural and environmental heritage of the National Park, as well as per exact rule of the Guest House, before the allocation of rooms to guests, in the event of any damage on the room and on the rest of the entire environment, besides a card with simple internal rules to be observed, that will be submitted for acceptance, the details of a credit card (WARNING: only VISA/MASTERCARD circuit accepted – Prepaid or Debit Cards NOT accepted) will be anyway kindly required, pointing out that no amounts or additional costs will be charged until the day of departure.
Moreover, for reasons of safeguard of the entire environment and as a bond for general security, at least one ID card or Passport (passport especially for guests coming from outside the European Union) will be kindly required, held for all the duration of the stay and returned straight back to guests on the day of departure not before having checked the room’s integrity by the Guest House personnel.
*Booking procedures: All reservation inquiries (Direct Check-in - Last-minute – Medium and Long Term), without exception, will be accepted solely with the guarantee of a Credit Card or to be provided upon reservation and/or to be shown at check-in, failing which any booking request cannot be accepted in any way (only VISA/MASTERCARD circuit accepted - Prepaid Credit, Debit Cards and Traveller Cheques NOT accepted).
Cancellation Policy
>Reservation can be canceled within 15 days before arrival without additional penalties.
>If the reservation will be canceled later than the limit above (means till one day before arrival), one night stay will be charged.
>If guest does not arrive without any notice (NO-SHOW without written and/or telephone notice) or cancels the reservation the same day of arrival, the entire stay balance will be charged.
>Once the guest checked in, he must pay for the entire stay booked even if, for any motivation, he should leave before the given date of departure.
>Deposits, if required, are NOT REFUNDABLE and they will ensure the reservation at 100% or will be held in case of sudden cancellation due to any motivation.
>Cancellation can be made by e-mail or by phone call.
>Credit Cards – IMPORTANT NOTE: Credit Card subjected to validity check or Pre-authorization - The Guest House administration reserves the right to check the validity of credit card, before the client arrival, requiring a pre-authorization. With pre-authorization Guest House provides the temporary availability of the total amount of stay, or part thereof, to make sure that the credit card is valid, pointing out that no amount is cashed, inasmuch the pre-authorization expires automatically after 20 days from the date of application and the amount is released.
Warning: In case of pre-authorization with negative result the customer will be notified and the reservation will be IMMEDIATELY CANCELLED. In this case the hotel will have no obligation to the customer.
*ADVANCES/DEPOSITS: Exclusively in certain periods of the year [Wintertime-Medium and long-term inquiries-Important national holidays or local holidays/special events of the place-For holidays and special events list please see page "Prices"], the only way to accept and secure all reservations for the administration of this Guest House, it's exclusively through a guarantee deposit, the amount of which will be established based on the importance of the required period.
WARNING: Any advance/deposit, if required, is NOT REFUNDABLE and it will ensure the reservation at 100% or it will be held in case of sudden cancellation due to any motivation or failure to arrival [NO-SHOW], pointing out that, upon failure to comply with the here included hotel cancellation policies, no extra penalties or additional costs will be charged.
-For any last-minute telephone reservations, by providing the credit card details (both by telephone and in writing), once accepted the reservation, the applicant explicitly authorizes the Guest House to collect an advance deposit previously agreed.
*ONLY B&B SERVICE: The accommodation does not provides half-board and/or full board service in anyway (NO HB and/or FB) - For excellent local restaurants and sightseeing, guests will have the best recommendations at arrival.
*NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN AND/OR TEENAGERS: Extremely tranquil place which wants to ensure peace and tranquility to guests.

“Corte Belvoir” Romantic Inn & Agriturismo
Vocabolo Quarantotti, 333 – Madonna Del Casciolino
Zip 06046 Norcia (Perugia) Umbria, Italy.
Tel. +39-334-8473696
E-mail to: info@cortebelvoir.combooking@cortebelvoir.com
for further information please visit our website completely:



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